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Life Ministry Zw February 16, 2024
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For most people, prison is where they face the severe consequences of their criminal activities, but in  Blessed's case, he met Christ whilst he was incarcerated.

From being busted for unlawful entry at one of the biggest beverage companies in Zimbabwe, Blessed served ten (10) years and eight  (8) months in prison. He also had more than twenty other pending cases to answer including armed robberies, hooliganism, carjacking and shop breaking. 

From a tender age of 15, Blessed had identified himself as a criminal. Instead of being depressed after the death of his parents, he felt a sense of independence from parental control. His uncle (father’s brother), who was left as his guardian, partially monitored him and this worsened the situation. Blessed began taking toxic drugs like marijuana and cocaine. This change in behavior saw him join a gang of six members. 

“I had become very brave under the influence of drugs; I could do anything. I joined a gang of robbers when I was in high school. I wanted to be an Electrical Engineer, but for a moment my dreams were shattered when I resorted to illegal mining after high school. However, this was short-lived because of the government's crackdown,” said Blessed. 

After a spate of armed robbery crimes, the government of Zimbabwe introduced a shoot-to-kill policy and four of his gang members were shot dead. He was lucky to be 

among the two who survived the shoot-out. He got arrested, bailed himself out and ceased to attend court hearings. He found a new gang of seven, becoming a notorious robber on the run,  most wanted by the police. 

After being busted for unlawful entry, he was imprisoned again. He describes his stint in prison as a turning point. He was now free from captivity. Life Ministry Zimbabwe managed to reach out to him. Thereafter, Blessed received Christ as his personal Savior and began to loathe his erstwhile life of crime. 

“I knew that Christ captured me while in captivity. I had witnessed some gang members die in my face, but God preserved my life. I grew spiritually through the frequent visits from a Life Ministry Zimbabwe staff, Magret Marekera who used to conduct bible studies which I became a part of. I began to experience the love of Christ. The Four Spiritual Laws Booklet helped me a lot in knowing God when I was in prison. Magret took me as a child and nurtured me.” 

While in prison, Blessed acquired some skills, among them carpentry, motor bike assembly and panel beating. He also completed two Theology Diplomas. He was released from prison in December 2022, and he aspires to reach out to prisoners with the gospel. 

After he was released from prison, Blessed worked at his pastor’s company, doing Electrical Engineering, making his passion a dream come true.  

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