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Life Ministry Zw February 16, 2024
Darlington and Gogo Gambo [Picture]

Inspired by the Pray Care Share concept, one of our staff members, Darlington embarked on a remarkable journey to transform the life of Gogo Gambo, a 97-year-old woman abandoned in her village.

Gogo lives alone and abandoned in Muterere Village, Honde Valley. Accused of witchcraft, she is ostracized by her community and even her grandchildren. They often exclude her in humanitarian aid programs. Her story touched Darlington's heart, prompting him to act with empathy and compassion. He prayed with her, cared for her needs, and shared the word of God.

"I felt compelled to visit Gogo and accompany her on her spiritual journey," he explains. "After explaining the four spiritual laws, she accepted Christ into her life."

Gogo's joy in this decision is evident. "I live with hope now," she says, "unlike before when I felt alone." Darlington and his family continued to support her, helping in her fields, gathering firewood, and providing necessities.

I'll never forget what Darlington did," Gogo expresses tearfully. "I thank God for having him in my life."

The Pray Care Share tool empowers individuals like Darlington to become active disciple-makers. Through prayer, acts of service, and sharing testimonies, they bring hope and the message of Christ to those who need it most.

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